ICA Research & Development continues the tradition of the former National Institute of Food Research. Created in 1951 as the "Institute of Food Chemistry", it founded the institutional research in the area of food science and technology in Romania.

But taking into consideration the vast area covered by food research it should be mentioned that a part of the future research institute, namely the research laboratory for  tobacco industry,  has been founded in 1925, by a decree of the Minister of Finance of the time , Vintila Bratianu and it was called "Experimental Institute for Tobacco Cultivation and Fermentation". This institute was included in the structure of the Institute of Food Chemistry in 1952, when the Ministry of Food Industry decided to design a complex organization of the research in this field.

The later became "Food Research Institute" (ICA), will be transformed by the Government Decision no. 451/14.05.2002 in joint stock company and later (in 2004) it will be acquired by Compania de Cercetari Aplicative si Investitii S.A. (Applied Research and Investment Company).  Currently, ICA Research & Development is an independent company, whose sole shareholder is Compania de Cercetari Aplicative si Investitii S.A., structure of which it was separated in 2009.

Initially situated at 85, Splaiul Independentei, the institute could be found in the early '70s in Mendeleev Street 21-25. Later, the institute moved to no. 1, Garlei Street, headquarters that will be kept until 2009.

During 2004-2009, the institute worked as the Research Department of CCAI SA and went through an extensive modernization process, investments being made both from investors founding and from the research projects undertaken. During this period, the institute moves its headquarters, research and analysis laboratories from the old building in the present location, 202, Splaiul Independentei, space designed for specific laboratory activities, that enables implementation and compliance with the most demanding standards in the field.

S.C. ICA RESEARCH&DEVELOPMENT (ICA R&D) S.R.L, Splaiul Independentei, nr. 202, sector 6, Bucuresti,
telefon: 021.313.63.74, 021.316.01.44 ; fax 021.313.63.78
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